It's TIme!

Here goes! I will try to keep all up to speed on my races and this will probably become just that for a little while. I would recommend reading Our Adventures blog where my better half does a swell job of keeping the information flowing. Also visit our Flicker page.

This was my first Wors Elite race, and I was a little nervous. As soon as I was in my very shitty position at the start line however all my nerves faded away. I heard GO and had a shitty start to go with my placement. From there on out it was just a mad dash to gain places. I think I did a pretty good job of it as I made my way up to ninth at one point. I had about 20 seconds on 9 and 10th places but couldn't hold them off as I cramped up due to lack of hydration. As I started my last lap I called on my babe for a Gatorade bottle as I knew it was my only hope. I have never had a hydration issue but I think this might also have something to due with this little cold that I have been trying to shake. I made my way in and ended up with 11th place. I also made a little cash as they paid out 15 deep! I was bummed that I blew my top ten until I found out I was getting paid.

All and all I learned a lot, made some mistakes and got to spend time with good people while doing what I love. As you can see I had my own little section of friends and family cheering me on (David, Terry, Dennis and Heidi). Also a HUGE thanks to Lynn for all of the work she does to help me. She does a great job and with out her my goals would not be so achievable!