New Team Same O'll Me

So by now everyone keeping up with me already knows I am riding for a new team. That team is Adventure 212/Specialized and I couldn't be more excited. The story behind the selection is simple but yet with a purpose. The team is stacked with good people that have plenty of experience racing and have been riding for longer than I have.

I am not going to be a drag on my new teammates but rather be another team member that is capable to do things on my own while taking advice/direction if it is offered. I can't wait to spend time with my new crew and get some quality saddle time racing and riding.
So thanks to Adventure 212 for having me and I look forward to the good times ahead. Also thanks to Joe Ciesinski (my coach) for all of the hard work he does and for putting in a good word with Mike P.



That W.O.W. stands for Weekend Of Wors. The Subaru Cup proved to be just what I needed to get me back into the swing of things. The weekend started on Friday as I somehow got the day off of work. Lynn and I worked all morning getting stuff ready for a full weekend of racing and once Jamie got into town we finished up and headed out.

(Pre Ride) On our way to the race the darkness set in and the rain fell hard. I was really worried about the course being closed and me not being able to check things out. As we get there I noticed people riding the course and found things to be open and ridable. There were muddy spots but for the most part everything was in good shape. My reconnaissance assured me that my gear selection was good but I was concerned that my small blocks wouldn't be enough. I called it good and headed to our hotel to clean up and get ready for Saturday.

(Cross Country Race)So as a new jack I am constantly learning, making an ass of myself, learning, and well learning. With that being said I think I am finally starting to get the hang of these long Wors elite races. Add to that the fact that I am a climber, and can hold my own in the technical spots, this race was calling my name. As I was warming up I ran into Chris Peariso from Adventure 212. He informed me that I had made the cut and I would be riding for Adventure 212/Specialized. To Clear things up, I have been working on getting on a team for a while now and with a few good words put in for me by good people I finally made a connection with Ad. 212. After the Nine Mile race I worked up the gumption to ask Chris and the rest just took a little time.

With a very late call up my start position was less than desirable. I wasn't too worried though as I knew that if I put the work in on this course it would pay off. Don shouted GOOO and we took off. I settled in and slowly started to make my way through the crowd. I knew the lead pack was going to be long gone but I could still catch some of the others ahead of me. I kept the intensity for the first three laps making my way to 6th. Once I put in a good time gap between us I did my best to save my legs for the Sunday races. I was super stoked when I came across the Finnish line knowing that all of my hard work was beginning to pay off. It was also great to have Lynn and Jamie there cheering me on the whole way.

Sunday (Super D)
Another new experience as I showed up to Mount Morris for the WORS Super D. My legs felt great and my mind was in a good state. I got to ride the course two times before the race and knew if I held composer it would be a good one. The pro's lined up and took off and we were up next. I lined my bike up front and hoped the run would be a good one. Another Gooo and off we went. 3rd to my bike I was slowed by the guy who's bike was behind me which put me towards the back of the pack. I was a little worried but didn't want to put too much pressure on this race as this is when silly mistakes happen. Working our way down the course I was patient in hopes there would be time to pass. A few lucky passes and I was second in the group. I waited until the open to make my last pass as I knew there was plenty of work ahead to attack. I stomped on the peddles, opened a gap and didn't let up till the line. AWESOME!!! What an adrenaline rush!

(Short Track)
Here we go again! As I was warming up Chris rode by me and told me "fasten my seat belt, we're going for a ride" . So that was my plan as I have never done a short track race. My legs still felt great and this time my call up was much better as I was at the front of the line. I slid over to let Ronsta in which put me on the very outside. Not sure what was going to happen I was willing to push my body to the limits while keeping things safe. After the 2nd lap I found myself in the 6th position hanging on to the back. The accelerations got harder and I was definitely at my limit. Hanging on there was no place for me to do work so I just settled in. Nate went down on one of the laps and I had to work pretty hard to close the gap. As the big dogs fought it out in the front I actually felt ok and planned to pull up a couple of spots but missed all opportunities. Another gap opened up 3rd wheel and Tristan responded. I couldn't find it in me to get around T.J. who didn't respond to the acceleration. It was down to T.J. and I and wanted to at least do a little work for him as he did a lot of work at the front. With two laps left I tried to get around him several times but every time he would accelerate. Down to the last lap and things went about the same as the two before, I just couldn't get around. As we come to the last few corners I got excited, saw some light and smashed my peddles. I squeaked by at the last second and as soon as I crossed the line I had second thoughts. I went to cool down and worried about my last move. Did I make a newbie mistake? I made my way around to where Chris was and immediately asked him what he thought. He didn't seem to worried but I knew I had to talk to T.J. After cooling down I was at the car getting changed and cleaned up T.J. walked by and congratulated me on my finnish. He explained to me that he had burped air out of his tire so the only time he could accelerate was on the open smooth stuff. That made sense of things and with his good attitude it made me not too worried about my new guy mistake.

Over all the weekend was awesome! I get to cross a few goals off my list and had all sorts of friends and family there to cheer me on. Honestly without all of the support I get from everyone there would be no opportunity to do what I do.
To sum things up;
Cross country 6th
Super D 7th
Short Track 4th
Over all
Subaru Cup 5th

A special thanks to Lynn for all her hard work to keep me going. Also thanks to all my fans for cheering so loud especially Jamie, Terry, David, Dennis and Heidi. Honestly the fans make the races.

Till Next Time.......



Ok, so by now you all know how bad I suck at blogging. No need to dig any further as I will finally fill in some blanks.
Without the help of Lynn, and now her Parents Terry and David I would be like a lost little puppy dog trying to find home. Honestly things have seemed to be a little over whelming. Its not like I am the only person in the world who is trying to be successful and at the same time trying to juggle life. Oh yeah. Iknow what it is. Sometimes I just think tooooooooooo Much! So moving forward.
Things have been going otherwise ok. My race season is getting started, summer is getting closer (not sure what ma nature is up too) and every day I wake up is another day to do what I do with people that I love.

Now for the race recap:

Crystal Lake Classic

For starters I went bust on my gear ratio. For me 34.16 is pretty damn hefty but I was hell bent. There were so many flats and the hills were short. My plan was to make my ground on the open track and it might have just worked if it wasn't for a few mishaps. An early crash shook me up while trashing my rear wheel and knocking loose my crank arm(?). I was quick to get up and once I made sure no one was seriosly hurt, and my bike would still go I was off. Passing masses of people I think I made my way back up to 20th or so until I noticed my crank arm comming off. I rode it out as long as I could but ended up DNF and with a one legged peddle back to the first aid tent to get my wounds adressed my day was done. I would have to say It seemed like it would've been a fun race.:) I did however still have a good weekend thanks to Lynn, Terry and David. These three have really been doin alot of work to keep me rolling.

Big Ring Classic

Another weekend of open trail, great singletrack, and good people. I can say that after only three races I am getting the hang of this racing style more and more while learning something new everytime Don Yells GOOOO!!!! Tacticly probobly not my best race ever but I'm new and still learning. I had a good start and positioned myself well with a group of five with all of us gunning for 8th. I did way too much work early, and with a singlspeed on that coarse this is not what you would want to be saying. After I settled in things were going well but I wasn't sure how long I would be able to hold the open trail accelerations for. Its hard work with one gear and I would string myself out pretty good but each time my recovery seemed to get weaker. I held on until the first hill climb on the last lap and then I popped bad. With the white lights flashing in my eyes I would grind through the next couple of hills, hit up some gu and take in some fluids. The hurt was on as I made my way through the last lap with my head down. I made it and some how held of Joe Curtes and the rest of the guys that were chasin him down. What a race!

To sum things up.

  • I have the Best Girl Friend in the world!
  • Ridding with my big Bro is still great.
  • With out all of the help I get I wouldn't be very good.
  • Learning, Learning, Learning isn't life great!

Thanks to every one who helps me with everything from a simple cheer to alot of TLC. I would put names down but there would be so many I would run out of space.

Pics to follow