Commuter revived!!!

The old Girl was in pretty ruff shape but with a little tender love it rolls like a new ride.

Other than the bike work I realized I am like most everyone else. I Work, ride, spend time with people I care about, ride, ride, and ride. I am sure there are a lot of people that can relate to this. When I started this blog I thought I would have something special to offer like advice, or a situation that was different than others. The reality though is that I am just living the average mans dream. I love it! I do have to say that if any one wants to really better their situation but isn't sure how it is always best to start with ATTITUDE. For me I try to stay positive as much as I can and always look for the better in people. It is something that has to be worked on everyday. Any one who knows me knows what I am talking about.
Anyway, there's my Something/Nothing.

Have a great Week and don't forget to enjoy at least one thing a day!