Weekend Medley

False progress,

Fair share of riding this weekend with my babe in attendance for a cold Saturday morning ride. She is kinda a tough cookie like that...picks the coldest day of the week to come out and ride with me. After that I came home and ate some lunch while I waited for Joe. Then it was time to hit the local Tosa trails and they were in pretty good shape. Can't wait till I can hit all of the other trails!

Standard Wisconsin Spring.

Bundles of joy! Lynn's nieces and nephews are always fun.
Future Gymnast or cheerleader?
Recap of events would go as follows; Bike work, Bike rides, Birthday supper at OCB, Snow, A lot of coffee and laying around, more snow,Birthday lunch with Cake, a lot of playing with the kids, and Weekly Bike Scheduling.
Keep it real and don't forget to enjoy other things besides bike riding. Kids for me always make things fun but I can never seem to match their energy.



Bikes, New Wheels, and New Parts.
Isn't it great!

Work to be done....



A very awesome weekend!
Started out with the Friday rush at work and as busy as it was I put the hammer down and made it home just before Craig got into town. We had this weekend planned since early February and I was really looking forward to it. Bike work was the main focus and it started as soon as I got back from my strength workout at the Ymca, and lasted until about 11p.m. Up the next morning and back at it again with a trip to the bike shop for some parts to put my new fork on. I'm just waiting on some other parts for my MTB and upon completion it will have lost a hefty 4-5pounds. Craig calls it my elite racing machine. (With my bike and I each down 4lbs from last season I will have 8 less to carry up those hills!!)

Didn't get out to ride until about 11a.m. but with the nice weather and Harley/Hoyt trails dry enough to ride, Craig and I had an awesome time. Next to the bread store for Craig, meeting with Josh North for WIN Racing (Wisconsin Nordic) ski team, to Joe's for a cook out then finally home to bed! At the cook out we all decided on a group RR towards Waukesha. I was kinda bummed out about not getting Craig some more MTB time but what you gonna do, and besides the route is a good one and I always like spring road riding.
Of coarse there was business to attend to in the basement first with more bike work. Craig was up at 5a tallying up the completion list, and I followed by about 5:30. Couple cups of java and we were haulin. We did stop working to eat some breakfast, and get ready for our ride. I gotta give props to Lynn for all of the cooked meals and just plain working around two real rammy bro's. She hooked us up with all of our meals all weekend and even washed and filled water bottles.

With a 10a appointment with Joe we were dressed and headed out. Hung at his pad for a bit while him and Katie got ready and then hit the road. The weather was a bit colder but still the day was nice and we ended up with a little over three hours, and thanks to Joe I got some extra intervals in for the week. Not too hard with my awesome wheel sucking abilities though.
After our ride with Joe and Katie we headed home to lick our wounds, get some eats, and finish up some bike work. Craig packed it up and headed home and I was real happy to spend some quality time with him again. I have to say that with out all of the support I get from every one that helps me, the pursuit of my goals and dreams wouldn't be possible. So, THANK YOU Craig, Lynn, Joe, and everyone who helps me!!! My season is getting very close and I feel ready, poised, and willing to give this a go.

What a weekend! And remember to try today because tomorrow you might not get the chance....Peace.


Weekend Getaway

To cap things off my plans for this weekend were totally shot from the hip. It started off with a planned trip to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Women's Tournament, then a weekend in because of the awesome weather, then plans were finalized for a trip back home to Marshfield.

As far as what I was looking for in a weekend I don't think things could have gone much better. Early Saturday morning departure got us into Marshfield about 10a.m. just in time for Lynn's nephew Tiernan's hockey game. If you want to get a good laugh just watch little kids try to play hockey. After that we headed to Marshfield base A.K.A. Lynn's parents house and I got ready for for my suppose to be 3hr ride with Craig. It ended up being about 4hrs but no complaints from my end, the scenery was great, weather held up and I never realized how good the riding was until I moved away. It was also good to spend quality time on my bike with someone who has helped me out and been so influential in my cycling career.

I capped Saturday off hanging out with Lynn's Family and playing Nintendo Wii. I am not a big fan of video games but it wasn't bad, as long as I can ram and don't have to sit in one place I'm up for it.
Sunday was chill early then with the weather brewing the drive home became a 4hour stress factory.

But with my skills and a little luck we made it safe and sound.

Good times


Enter D.B.

Well the time has come.... For now this is all I have. I will update and continue to progress as time is available.