Cleaning House

Photo by Jared Brodjeski

No, I am not going to sell my used shammy, or myself.... but..........
If any one looking for a 2010 Stumpjumper S-Works Frame set just let me know.... When I was cleaning the bike yesterday all of the parts just disappeared.
The frame would come with a fork, seat post, and stem.

Email with questions darrin_lynn[at]wi.rr[dot]com

Big D


Look at that!

Photo by Nikki Frazier (She takes good Photo's :)

Now that's what I am talking about. Great job everyone and congrats on all of the accomplishments! What a year and it couldn't have been done with out the support of my Fiancee' Lynn. I want to thank everyone who helped me out this year especially Chris and Michelle/Adventure 212. Specialized for the super sweet race machine, and The Hostel Shoppe for the much needed shop support. Those Cole Bro's really know what they are doing. Oh yeah and the extra motivation from every one of my teammates is great, I couldn't ask to be on a better team!

Also a BIG shout out to my coach, Joe Cieszynski (Wenzel Coaching) who helped me adjust this year a whole lot. After a great spring of training my new job through a wrench in the middle of everything and the whole schedule was compromised. He really has a knack for adjusting to the challenges that life throws out.

The season is over but don't be surprised to see me at a few cross races :)!

Big D


Refer To.....

Please refer to Our Adventures as Lynn now has a smart phone and will blog at random. If Chris has his way I will probably even be pulled from the 212 blog roll and replaced with Lynn's blog...... Way to go Mike, thanks for coming out of retirement and putting the blog pressure on me.

Any way I had a great weekend and hope everyone else did too!



I'm not Lost

Yup, I am not lost I am just so dang busy with my new job while still fitting training and Lynn time in. Things have been good though and I want to thank everyone who is pulling for me. I feel like I have an army of fans cheering for me everytime I hit the race coarse. Hope to see everyone this weekend at the Fire Cracker!



Big Wheels Keep On Turning

With the race weeks passing by I have been busier than ever. After Iola it was on to Rhinelader where I learned some things about attacking Mr. Wicks and racing in general. Two weekends ago, I headed up to the Northern Kettles to hit the local WEMS race. Tons of fun as most of the day was spent riding around with Nate.

As of recent the Big Ring Classic was in focus. However, my focus was blurred as I have started a new job and spent many of my nights not sleeping and constantly thinking about all of the things I need to learn (stress factory).

Good times this weekend though with my hero Chris pulling the whole lead elite crowd around all day. There were several times I thought he was just going to ride away with it and probably would've if he wasn't short on air in his rear. In the end it came down to a big sprint and for a few seconds I thought I had it. Matter snuck in there though in the end and just got me, I guess I was underestimating his sneakiness :). Considering that was my first ever sprint finish and was told by Matter that he has probably been in 500 situations like that, I would say I did ok. Try again next time. It is amazing to think last year I was praying for a top ten and now I am pushing for a win. Congrats to the whole team who have been kicking butt all over. A lot of top tens, top fives and even a few wins this year. Woohoo!

Thanks to all who cheered especially my family, if you look closely at some of the pics you can see my family being obnoxious. In one picture you can even see Lynn jumping as high as someones waist. Man I love that girl!

Also thanks to my sponsors as they have done a super job of keeping me going this year. The Peariso's and Adventure 212 for basically everything, Specialized for a rocking fast bike, Wenzel Coaching (Joe Cieszynski) for some great advice, The Hostel Shop and all star manager Scott Cole for supplies support.

Till next time




Standard report just a week late :) The weeks been busy with training, working, and treatment. Yes I said treatment. I have been a regular in Joe's office for several weeks now receiving help managing an injury. It has been a roller coaster with last weekend pushing some buttons. I took Monday as an active recovery and Joe and I went to the drawing board. We walked away with a simple solution.....Tape. Tuesday was the initial ride on my new adjustment and it worked wonderfully. As I sit here Saturday night with a weeks worth of hard training I can confidently say I think we have found a temporary solution. THANKS JOE!!!!!

The Wors debut was a blast and I am reminded why exactly I do what I do. I made it a priority to enjoy myself as much as possible. Besides the fun the pain was minimal as I brought it to my limit and backed off,( no need to go till you blow quite yet). As a "C" priority rate I am excited about the result.

Another thing to be excited about are all of the good results from the team. We looked good doing it too thanks to all of our sponsors. Chris and Michelle do a great job of managing this team and treated us like rock stars all weekend, I almost didn't want to go home. I really believe I am on one of the best teams there is. Thanks All!
Here are a few links that Ya'll should check out.
Wenzel Coaching
Adveture 212
Team Adventure 212
Hidden Bay Sports (Their new shorts Rock!!)

Till next time keep the wheels turning!!




With a lot of leg work from Chris I recieved one of these just in time for Chohutta.

I was not dissapointed! This is surely a great race machine and I can't wait to tear up some more dirt.

Congrats to the 212 crew, and for that matter everyone who survived the race at Chohutta. Also, I can't wait to see all of my cycling friends this weekend at Iola.

Good luck to everyone and see you there.


Good People!

Can't say enough about good people. We all know the ones that we have in our lives that make things a whole lot easier. Without those people life would just be no fun.

Before moving to Milwaukee I was very skeptical about all of the bad things that could happen but also knew about the good things that would come about. As of now, over two years later, I can say that there has been way more good than bad. This is in most part to the "good people" I have met, and the support that I have received from the people that I already new.

My biggest supporter Lynn is still pulling some serious weight helping me reach my goals and I can't thank her enough! Two weeks ago I got to go to Levis for some great riding with my big Bro. Something that I used to take for granted is now a very special occasion and as of now has made my year! My coach, Joe Cieszynski has really been giving me extra attention lately and I can't wait to show him what I can do. Congrats to him as well for making associate coach for Wenzel Coaching!!!!!

Yet another HUGE help for me has to be joining the Adventure 212 team! Chris and Michelle do an awesome job of running the team and have already helped me out a ton. The whole team dynamic is just awesome! We are always calling and TXTing each other being supportive and competitive at the same time.

Finally, all of the people in the Milwaukee metro area have been awesome! We have a great cycling community and I think it shows. Anyone who says otherwise would be telling a lie.

Its been great and I can't wait to start seeing everyone on a regular basis.




My last week has been both uneventful and eventful at the same time. I haven't been riding much as it is a rest week. I have however been able to work more and even got an adventure last night.

It started mid day as I was finishing up my rounds and already feeling the effects of the 894NB bridge being closed. (For those who don't know I deliver masonry products for County Materials Corp). I got a phone call,"hey, do you have plans for this afternoon....". Uh yeah, I always have plans. I did however let dispatch know I was interested. He explained when I was done with my regular rounds that I was to head up to Appleton and get a load that had to be delivered to the National Guard base. Ok, I said.

So on my way up I called Lynn and let her know I would be working late. Getting it done and in the process feeling rewarded. Once I got to the airport I was greeted by an armed guard. He let me through and I was in. As the sun set there was a picturesque view of the airport as the planes took off and landed. Also there were about 6 big military jets parked in their "lot". Very cool!
By now the sun was touching down and I was headed out. A nice drive through the city in the dark helped me wind down from the day. Got home a little after 8pm and felt satisfied with my day. No ride and yet I felt like I accomplished something.
Until next time.



Filling a Void?

Actually no, not in my case any way. Just finished up the biggest block of training I have ever done. If that doesn't explain my absence enough I apologize. I have been challenged, and pushed through, hopefully now I can recover and adapt. After that its on to some intensity.

I am so excited about the season right now I can hardly control myself! I am on a great team, in a great series, with alot of great peeps. Bring it on!

See you all soon!


Pound for Pound

Been struggling with weight this year. After referring to some old numbers it turns out my weight issue isn't only fat. My fat percentage is close to where I want it to be but the poundage is up there. No wonder my legs don't hardly fit in my blue jeans.

We will see how it plays out come race season.



Travel time has been high lately and to add to one of Chris P.'s blog I have been riding alot in Indiana, no Little 500 for me though, sorry. Down and back, here and there, ride, sleep, work, sleep ride, ride, ride, weights, drive and tons of Womens B-ball games....... You all get the drift.

My life isn't really that exciting is it? On the other hand it could be boring. I think I will take it as it is. Here now.
Indy is a pretty cool little city.
Too bad my sis lost out of the Big Ten tourney first round:( She played great but it wasn't enough to get past a strong Illinois team. Well to look at the bright side of things My Dad is feeling better and I got to spend some time hanging out with him, Lynn and Jamie this weekend. Also Big Bro Craig kicked some major buttttttt last weekend at the Birkie and recently found out he will be getting a new job that is similar to what he is going to school for.
On the Team front, sounds like every one is working hard and getting excited for the season. Iknow I am!! Keep it up and can't wait to see you all soon.


Yup, I do look like a dork in the weight room but hey if it helps I'm on board. Been going to Brookfield East for a couple months now to do my weights workout with Joe. No doubt the guy makes me work and by the time I am done I have had enough.

Often times when I say I can't or ask how he expects me to do something that seems too hard, he reminds me, "who's holding the clip board?". At that point I shut my mouth and do what he tells me to the best of my ability.

Sunday was a great day! I normally don't celebrate V-Day but with Lynn's schedule fully booked I was thrilled to take her out and spend time with her. We went to Lapham but didn't bring the skis or the snowshoes. I did however bring a piece of jewelry. You know the kind that sits on a women's left hand...You got it. She said yes!!

After I was done cherishing the moment with her I headed to B-East. They groom some classic tracks so I packed the skis up in the B.O.B. and rode over there. Had a good, but tiring workout then headed home to cheer on my sis at the Wisconsin/Indiana game. It was a good game to watch and she played wonderfully but unfortunately they lost.

A great weekend to say the least! Can't wait for more action.



Snow Day

Logged some time at this place on the skiis today. What a blast! I think for me the snow couldn't have come at a better time. Been over doing it a bit on the bike lately and possibly headed down a path I don't want to be on. Ah, ma nature knows how to treat a guy.....



So I am not one to brag but I am very proud of my accomplishments. I think it is important to recognize ones self worth. In my prior post I stated that Chris was teaching me how to be a pro. I said this with reason. I recently heard back from the folks at USA Cycling and received some good news. My Pro upgrade was granted!

Becoming a Professional Mountain Biker has been a goal of mine for a couple of years now, and has been made more real in the last year. I didn't think it would happen this quickly but with my god given talent and the help I have received from numerous people it was made into a more manageable goal. This is only a stop along the way for me. I will continue to better myself and try to reach for new goals.

Mean while I am going to enjoy the Snow!!!!! A possible 12 inches for our area means more time on the snow shoes and the skinny boards. Aren't Wisconsin winters Great!!


More time away from home

Quick update.
Still with Skinny! Making me work, teaching how to be a Pro.

More to come when I return home.....


Keeping things Going

Been spending some time with Chris P.
Rolling with the big dog....... It's not easy!!!!!!
Look out for this guy this year!!

Talk to you all soon


Can I say BUSY?

It's been some time since my last report but I am still going at it. Things have gone from a care free approach of exercise with whatever freedom I wanted to the regimented daily list of workouts. Well I guess it isn't as bad as I just made it sound. I still get to cross train but with the Ante being upped this year the workload is tough.
Last year was the first year I took a full race and training schedule head on. It left me very tired and exhausted at the end of last year but also left a very sweet taste in my mouth. Success is a funny thing but I don't know how else to sum things up for me last year. I have come a long way but am only hungry for more. I wasn't sure how things would go but with my extraordinary Coach reassuring me that that I am in a particularly good position, I have no choice to believe in him and myself. So it continues....my search for greatness.

To add to all that I have been trying to give the support needed to help other great people in my life. My Girlfriend Lynn has been pursuing a new career as the economy has left the job market lifeless. My Brother Craig has Also been pursuing some of
his own Ideas and goals. My sister Jamie is still rocking and been particularly drawing a lot of my attention for support. Not to be left out my other brother Derek has been pushing for a new career after helping his Wife attain some of her goals. Although the scale at which greatness is graded on is grand, I believe that all these people are doing great and deserve recognition. So Good Work you Guys and keep it up!
On the 212 front things are going great! My race machine is being ordered, Mike P. and I have been working out in the weight room, and the rest of the guys are taking care of business up north. I feel blessed and honored to be on the Adventure 212 MTB team for 2010!


Where am I?

I am here. Not exactly a great holiday retreat but I don't think I would want it any other way.

A short Christmas break for my Sister had her running around all of Wisconsin trying to visit all of our family. A short stop by Lynn and I for a day and a half and she was ready to hustle back to B-town for a mandatory practice. With the snow falling and flights being delayed it was time for a drive. So, we all packed up the Subaru and headed down.

The schedule had Lynn and me returning to Wisco after watching the Hoosiers beat Purdue. That wasn't the case however. Still here. I feel like I have a purpose down here that doesn't involve a bicycle.

I did have plans for that too. A trip to this place was in order but with the temps near zero this morning I decided to change things up.

Not sure of total plans but I know I have to be back to work on Monday! I'm cool with that. I think its nice to hit the reset button and get things back to normal.

Ain't Life Great!