Standard report just a week late :) The weeks been busy with training, working, and treatment. Yes I said treatment. I have been a regular in Joe's office for several weeks now receiving help managing an injury. It has been a roller coaster with last weekend pushing some buttons. I took Monday as an active recovery and Joe and I went to the drawing board. We walked away with a simple solution.....Tape. Tuesday was the initial ride on my new adjustment and it worked wonderfully. As I sit here Saturday night with a weeks worth of hard training I can confidently say I think we have found a temporary solution. THANKS JOE!!!!!

The Wors debut was a blast and I am reminded why exactly I do what I do. I made it a priority to enjoy myself as much as possible. Besides the fun the pain was minimal as I brought it to my limit and backed off,( no need to go till you blow quite yet). As a "C" priority rate I am excited about the result.

Another thing to be excited about are all of the good results from the team. We looked good doing it too thanks to all of our sponsors. Chris and Michelle do a great job of managing this team and treated us like rock stars all weekend, I almost didn't want to go home. I really believe I am on one of the best teams there is. Thanks All!
Here are a few links that Ya'll should check out.
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Till next time keep the wheels turning!!