My last week has been both uneventful and eventful at the same time. I haven't been riding much as it is a rest week. I have however been able to work more and even got an adventure last night.

It started mid day as I was finishing up my rounds and already feeling the effects of the 894NB bridge being closed. (For those who don't know I deliver masonry products for County Materials Corp). I got a phone call,"hey, do you have plans for this afternoon....". Uh yeah, I always have plans. I did however let dispatch know I was interested. He explained when I was done with my regular rounds that I was to head up to Appleton and get a load that had to be delivered to the National Guard base. Ok, I said.

So on my way up I called Lynn and let her know I would be working late. Getting it done and in the process feeling rewarded. Once I got to the airport I was greeted by an armed guard. He let me through and I was in. As the sun set there was a picturesque view of the airport as the planes took off and landed. Also there were about 6 big military jets parked in their "lot". Very cool!
By now the sun was touching down and I was headed out. A nice drive through the city in the dark helped me wind down from the day. Got home a little after 8pm and felt satisfied with my day. No ride and yet I felt like I accomplished something.
Until next time.



Filling a Void?

Actually no, not in my case any way. Just finished up the biggest block of training I have ever done. If that doesn't explain my absence enough I apologize. I have been challenged, and pushed through, hopefully now I can recover and adapt. After that its on to some intensity.

I am so excited about the season right now I can hardly control myself! I am on a great team, in a great series, with alot of great peeps. Bring it on!

See you all soon!


Pound for Pound

Been struggling with weight this year. After referring to some old numbers it turns out my weight issue isn't only fat. My fat percentage is close to where I want it to be but the poundage is up there. No wonder my legs don't hardly fit in my blue jeans.

We will see how it plays out come race season.