So I think it is about time to give credit where credit is do.

Anyone who races knows how much work it is. The weekends blend into the weeks and free time is given up. I have always had a super supporter on my side and don't even know what it is like to be on my own when it comes to a race pit crew. My girlfriend Lynn is hands down the best sideline coach/water bottle hander offer. She always keeps me filled, focused, and headed in the right direction. I try to show her how much I appreciate it but flowers, cards, and hugs can only show so much. So, I thought it was time to give her props here for everyone to see.

Lynn is always there cheering and telling me good job as she hands me a bottle. Last weekend however I was touched deeply by the reaction she gave me on my 4th lap. The look on her face and the tone of her voice was something I have never heard from anyone my whole life. She was so proud of me as I moved into the 5th position as this is something both her and I thought we wouldn't see. At least not this year. Things haven't been going so good for her as far as success goes but I always tell her that my success is hers. I truly mean this and would gladly put her up on a podium if only in my mind.

I am truly blessed to have such a great girlfriend and look forward to continuing my journey with Lynn by my side.

Also I would like to thank my sister Jamie for cheering me on this weekend and my big bro Craig for all of the tech advice and moral support he gives. They are both big supporters of team LDB.

Thanks to Team Adventure 212 for all their support, and all of the people who make the Wors events great. I am always meeting new people and I get to race with a great group as well.
Until next time



Last weekend I finnished Wors #6 Sunburst Showdown and have to say I had a good time. The coarse isn't the most desirable for a single speed but I made the best of it. It was very exciting to be up there with the leaders on the way out and be able to hang close throughout the whole race. Matter lead it out slow so being on a single I was very greatful. Once we hit the climb things started to sort out and I was in position, probobly about 6th wheel or so. I did my thing on the hills but struggled on the flats and the down hills when the gears would put the hammer down. That hammer I am referring to is a one Mike Phillips. I would definantly say he is back online. The challange was to claw my way back to a wheel every lap which I did for 4 of the 5 laps. Again every time the flats would string me out so the hills would get harder, (Simple gears would probobly help me out with this). So on the last lap I let too big of a gap open up and instead of trying to close it, I let it go.

I was on my own for the last lap and knew I had time on my side to lighten up the tempo and try to save my legs. Those said legs have been continiously sore for the past two races and I am trying to make that go away. All and all I was 5th on the day and am super stoked about this as I have already exceeded the goals that I have set for myself on the year.


Ok Lets try this again.

So with my lack of blogging I will try to catch everyone up.

Levis/Trow Single Speed Championship
Two weekends ago I did the Wisconsin Single Speed Championship at Levis as I was not going to miss that one. Any chance I can get to return the my native stopping grounds is an automatic. Prepared for the Big Guns show up I was ready to hang on for dear life. With that not being the case it was up to me to set the tempo. The start was like all starts should be with a slow lead out until some dude thought he would one up me. I passed him back before the single track and got into a rythm. As I was whaling the corners I could hear the group trying to form a bridge and pull me back. I realized that I don't remember the trails as great as I thought as I took a spill shortly into Yellow Jacket. I regrouped, grabbed my water bottle and pushed on. I wasn't too concerned though as I knew the climbing was yet to come. This climbing at Levis is about as technical as anything out there and I was waiting to attack. With sore legs at the start of the race I wasn't too sure what would happen but hey it was worth a shot. It went good and I think I put some time in the group. I stayed on the gas but stayed away from doing anything risky.
Going into Hermosa (after Upper Hermosa) there are alot of roots and I somehow dropped my chain. I turned into a frantic mess. Struggling for about 30 seconds or so. I had to calm myself down and then it took me about another 15 seconds to get my chain back on. Whew! Still now I was riding conservativly trying not to drop another chain. I rode like this until about Porkys Point where I just said skrew it and started to ride my style again. Luckily there would be no more chain drops for the rest of the race.
Starting my second and last lap my plan was to just keep the guys out of sight. With the Cruise control on I was able to pick up my water bottle that I dropped on the first lap, picked up and then dropped again. So as I am loo looing along I see a dude stopped on the side of the trail and who would it be but Bret S. Who was doing the 12 hr. I slowed alot for a little chat session but informed him of the situation and said goodbye. I kinda took off and realized he was going to ride with so I slowed the tempo a little again. This was super cool and him and I rode for a while. Once I hit the Upper Hermosa climb I took off again and him as I were both cheering each other on.
After the departure with Bret I pretty much just rode at a good tempo and enjoyed the awesome trails that I once got to enjoy several times a week. On my way to the finnish the excitement hit me. Another win on my Favorite trails.

Chippewa Valley Fire Cracker
Another RR style mtb race. Fun but challanging on a single speed. I picked my gear and had an idea of what I needed to do. I was swarmed on the start but that was to be expected. I hung in there and started my claw back. Working with Ted Hanes the first couple of laps we were making ground. We shook a few others and then it was just Ted and I and he took control. With a few attacks I was able to manage I hoped to hang on to the end. Finnishing up the second to last lap we pickup up Bender. The three of us rode for a while until Ted had to stop and add some air. Down to Le Hoover and I. We rode for a while with me on his wheel as a little chatting took place. I figured he was still strong but wanted to share the workload to the finnish. As I took over I kept the tempo up and started to drop him. So I let up and explained that we could just ride together. Continued on about the same till the end where I made a sprint for line. 6th on the day and I was happy.

Good Times