With a lot of leg work from Chris I recieved one of these just in time for Chohutta.

I was not dissapointed! This is surely a great race machine and I can't wait to tear up some more dirt.

Congrats to the 212 crew, and for that matter everyone who survived the race at Chohutta. Also, I can't wait to see all of my cycling friends this weekend at Iola.

Good luck to everyone and see you there.


Good People!

Can't say enough about good people. We all know the ones that we have in our lives that make things a whole lot easier. Without those people life would just be no fun.

Before moving to Milwaukee I was very skeptical about all of the bad things that could happen but also knew about the good things that would come about. As of now, over two years later, I can say that there has been way more good than bad. This is in most part to the "good people" I have met, and the support that I have received from the people that I already new.

My biggest supporter Lynn is still pulling some serious weight helping me reach my goals and I can't thank her enough! Two weeks ago I got to go to Levis for some great riding with my big Bro. Something that I used to take for granted is now a very special occasion and as of now has made my year! My coach, Joe Cieszynski has really been giving me extra attention lately and I can't wait to show him what I can do. Congrats to him as well for making associate coach for Wenzel Coaching!!!!!

Yet another HUGE help for me has to be joining the Adventure 212 team! Chris and Michelle do an awesome job of running the team and have already helped me out a ton. The whole team dynamic is just awesome! We are always calling and TXTing each other being supportive and competitive at the same time.

Finally, all of the people in the Milwaukee metro area have been awesome! We have a great cycling community and I think it shows. Anyone who says otherwise would be telling a lie.

Its been great and I can't wait to start seeing everyone on a regular basis.