Red wagon

Sawyer had his first ride in the red wagon with the help of a bungee. Hey at least if wasn't duck tape!



Been making good progress lately. Yup, the little guy has decided to roll over from front to back and back to front. Talk about a proud Daddy! My mountain bike riding skills have been coming around. THANKS JOE for the coaching and LYNN for helping out with everything else. Work is keeping me busy as the landscape season is in full effect. Speaking of work, Lynn is headed back on Thursday to try part time out. I think it will be a good fit.

I love my wife, my life, and the great people that I am surrounded by. Thanks for sharing this world with me you all!



Pretty cool

Scratch that, really cool! Mike P. Did a great job on the kits again this year, I have received a ton of compliments. Hidden Bay also pulled through again on the quality with a few changes and some serious attention to detail.

In the words of Skinny Man, "Fricken Sweeeet!".

Fun times lately, have a great memorial day weekend!



That sums it up for me. Got a chance to ride the new machine this past weekend and to say the least I am impressed! I definitely do not do enough raving about my sponsors.

Specialized did it again and made some great improvements. This years epic dually 29er is lighter and more stiff, how I havn't a clue! Maybe it has something to do with our new Sram partnership. I am happy with the lockout on the top of the fork for sure!

Adventure 212 and the Peariso's did what they do best, take care of their children, right Chris? It is awesome be part of such a well managed,well represented  group of people. Visit his blog to get all of the good details!

Other than that, the boy is great, mama is happy and just yesterday I was told i was living the American Dream!
That's all for now.



Spent some time with the family last weekend. When I wasn't doing that, it was back to my red neck roots. Craig bought a jeep and it was hungry for some mud. Yup, that is a creek that we were sitting in too.


My boy and I


This is my life lately. Raising a champion, buiding my companies hardscape empire in Milwaukee, and talking way more than I ever have. All this on little sleep while I watch my two wheeler collect dust.

For now, it's paver on!



This is going to be my new view in the mornings as I head back to work today. Lynn has work today too, his name is Sawyer and without me here to help, she will be busy for sure.



Game Changer

You know when you have something good going and no matter what, nothing could derail you. Yeah, that is what I thought I had going until this little guy came along.

He is a game changer for sure! It is impossible to explain my feelings right now, but if you are a parent, you know exactly where I am at. I am taking this one day at a time and enjoying every second. Besides, a week off wont kill me, right?

Keep on doing whatever it is you are doing and I will try to not fall off of this cloud that "they" call 9.

Sawyer Michael Braun was born on Thursday February 23rd at 3:45pm weighing in at 9lbs 6oz and is 21.5 inches long.


Elevator music

That makes sense right. Think about.... been killing time waiting for baby Braun. Been doing some of this some of that and trying to support Lynn as things get more difficult.

Also sharing memories with my big bro as he and his wife Brenda welcome baby Vivi into this world. Congratulations!!

Hopefully the next post includes our new bundle, I CANT WAIT!


212 takes on the Shaw

A great Sunday ride with the team one last time before Baby Braun arrives. Thanks for coming everyone!


Yeah Buddy

I am sure everyone is capitolizing on this action.


The Shaw

Rode with these guys a few weeks ago and had a blast! I love living in the Shaw, and thanks Majic! With time constraints and the unbelievable power of the local Polish Prince, I have been riding on my own. Once I build my strength I will try the rides again.

Happy Saturday!



 With next season being a focus (second to the baby of course) I have already drawn the support of others. About two weeks ago I received a helpful nudge from a good friend that had me asking myself some hard questions. The conclusion, I had a sit down with Coach Joe (Cieszynski). We came to an agreement knowing there is a TON of work to be done. Joe knows all to well about work as he extends himself to future athletes on his own terms.
I am proud to introduce Paragon Endurance Sports Coaching as as my coaching source.
Coaching support from this place.

One on one with this guy.
Team support from these fine folks

Of course my wife Lynn has also given me her blessing. With less than a month to go, I am getting super excited for Baby Braun's arrival!!!!!!

Keep the pedals turning,