Travel time has been high lately and to add to one of Chris P.'s blog I have been riding alot in Indiana, no Little 500 for me though, sorry. Down and back, here and there, ride, sleep, work, sleep ride, ride, ride, weights, drive and tons of Womens B-ball games....... You all get the drift.

My life isn't really that exciting is it? On the other hand it could be boring. I think I will take it as it is. Here now.
Indy is a pretty cool little city.
Too bad my sis lost out of the Big Ten tourney first round:( She played great but it wasn't enough to get past a strong Illinois team. Well to look at the bright side of things My Dad is feeling better and I got to spend some time hanging out with him, Lynn and Jamie this weekend. Also Big Bro Craig kicked some major buttttttt last weekend at the Birkie and recently found out he will be getting a new job that is similar to what he is going to school for.
On the Team front, sounds like every one is working hard and getting excited for the season. Iknow I am!! Keep it up and can't wait to see you all soon.


Yup, I do look like a dork in the weight room but hey if it helps I'm on board. Been going to Brookfield East for a couple months now to do my weights workout with Joe. No doubt the guy makes me work and by the time I am done I have had enough.

Often times when I say I can't or ask how he expects me to do something that seems too hard, he reminds me, "who's holding the clip board?". At that point I shut my mouth and do what he tells me to the best of my ability.

Sunday was a great day! I normally don't celebrate V-Day but with Lynn's schedule fully booked I was thrilled to take her out and spend time with her. We went to Lapham but didn't bring the skis or the snowshoes. I did however bring a piece of jewelry. You know the kind that sits on a women's left hand...You got it. She said yes!!

After I was done cherishing the moment with her I headed to B-East. They groom some classic tracks so I packed the skis up in the B.O.B. and rode over there. Had a good, but tiring workout then headed home to cheer on my sis at the Wisconsin/Indiana game. It was a good game to watch and she played wonderfully but unfortunately they lost.

A great weekend to say the least! Can't wait for more action.



Snow Day

Logged some time at this place on the skiis today. What a blast! I think for me the snow couldn't have come at a better time. Been over doing it a bit on the bike lately and possibly headed down a path I don't want to be on. Ah, ma nature knows how to treat a guy.....



So I am not one to brag but I am very proud of my accomplishments. I think it is important to recognize ones self worth. In my prior post I stated that Chris was teaching me how to be a pro. I said this with reason. I recently heard back from the folks at USA Cycling and received some good news. My Pro upgrade was granted!

Becoming a Professional Mountain Biker has been a goal of mine for a couple of years now, and has been made more real in the last year. I didn't think it would happen this quickly but with my god given talent and the help I have received from numerous people it was made into a more manageable goal. This is only a stop along the way for me. I will continue to better myself and try to reach for new goals.

Mean while I am going to enjoy the Snow!!!!! A possible 12 inches for our area means more time on the snow shoes and the skinny boards. Aren't Wisconsin winters Great!!


More time away from home

Quick update.
Still with Skinny! Making me work, teaching how to be a Pro.

More to come when I return home.....


Keeping things Going

Been spending some time with Chris P.
Rolling with the big dog....... It's not easy!!!!!!
Look out for this guy this year!!

Talk to you all soon