Look at that!

Photo by Nikki Frazier (She takes good Photo's :)

Now that's what I am talking about. Great job everyone and congrats on all of the accomplishments! What a year and it couldn't have been done with out the support of my Fiancee' Lynn. I want to thank everyone who helped me out this year especially Chris and Michelle/Adventure 212. Specialized for the super sweet race machine, and The Hostel Shoppe for the much needed shop support. Those Cole Bro's really know what they are doing. Oh yeah and the extra motivation from every one of my teammates is great, I couldn't ask to be on a better team!

Also a BIG shout out to my coach, Joe Cieszynski (Wenzel Coaching) who helped me adjust this year a whole lot. After a great spring of training my new job through a wrench in the middle of everything and the whole schedule was compromised. He really has a knack for adjusting to the challenges that life throws out.

The season is over but don't be surprised to see me at a few cross races :)!

Big D