End of Season

I bet every one is trying to figure out what happened to my blog. It seems as though I just fell off the face of the blogosphere. I'm happy to say not totally but I have taken a brief "Mikey" absence.

The past several weeks have been filled with many different activities so I think I will start with the most recent and work my way back.
I did nothing that involved exercise and loved it. Besides the nothing I spent the whole day with My Awesome Girlfriend. We mostly just hung out but in the afternoon we ventured to the Art Museum to meet with some new friends. I have never been to a museum and actually found parts of it to be fascinating. Once we were done making wrong turns and being forced to look at the same exhibits several times we hit some dinner downtown and then headed home. I had a great day and it didn't even involve one bicycle.

Polska Cross
Anyone who was there is still trying to figure out who that tall drunk with the obnoxious cow bell was. I heard he would heckle any one that came by and had two beers on tap at all times. Mr. LeLonde got a good taste of just what this tall drink of PBR had to offer.
To explain myself a little It was 9 this very morning that I decided that my season was actually over. Up until then I was actually planning to do the last two local races. With the plug being pulled I had to release my energy in some way shape or form so I found some beer and drank like I knew what I was doing.
I sure do love the off season.

The Iceman was not that at all. It felt more like a summerman, or good weatherman, maybe NICEMAN just sounds a little better. This is how things went down. I was focused, had good legs, and even found myself at the front of the race for a mile or so. I almost had something to prove going into this race after what happened at the Chequamegon. I wanted to show that I could roll with the big guns but maybe I was being too optimistic.
I made it through the sketchy road section, several sandpits and was still in contact as the accelerations started to hit hard. Sitting 10th wheel or so I was feeling ok and was pretty sure I would be able to hang on. The sandpits there had another thing in mind. A small gap got opened up about 10miles in and when I went to close it I ended up in a big sand pit going uphill. I wasn't going anywhere but was burning a lot of matches. After I got out of the pit I was able to latch back onto the group but was way over my red line and just wasn't able to recover. Boom, I blew like I no tomorrow and didn't have the mental capacity to put myself back together. Luckily Chris came by and saved me again(you would think he actually liked me or something). We regrouped and decided to race again after about 3 miles of easy spin. By the time the race was over we had worked our way back to a respectable finish. Not what I was looking for but I will take it this time of the year.

Halloween Cross
No costume but I was ready for a little cross. This was my 3rd race attempt at cross and I had only ran across barriers once before the race and that was during warm up. Not expecting much I took off strong and played the mtb card, shake things up early and see what everyone else has.
That worked great until my tactical card played to my disadvantage. I let a group of two catch me so I wouldn't have to ride by myself the whole race. The guy sitting 3rd wheel took a drastically shorter line and opened up a quick 5 second gap. I didn't respond immediately and it cost me 5 more seconds. I did close it down but I was on the rivet. The guy in front knew and would accelerate just enough to put me out of commission. I fell off and finished second on the day.

Special Thanks
A special Thank You goes out to Adventure 212 and the Peariso's for all of there help this season. They really have proven to be not only a great sponsor but also great friends. I love being on the team and look forward to many more great times with them.

Lynn, My wonderful girlfriend who is at the forefront of my success. Without her I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Joe Ciesynski, My stellar coach for his infinite knowledge and support. Believe me folks, he is the best in the biz.

Craig B., My big bro who helps to keep me motivated. (Watch out for this guy this ski season...I heard he is killing it with his training this year)

David, Terry, Dennis and Heidi, These guys have shown their support all year long and I am glad to have such great people on my side.

And everyone who has ever helped me reach for my goals....You know who you are. So if I missed a name or you feel left out don't feel bad. There probably wouldn't be enough room on the page for all the people that have helped me.

Keep it real