Big Wheels Keep On Turning

With the race weeks passing by I have been busier than ever. After Iola it was on to Rhinelader where I learned some things about attacking Mr. Wicks and racing in general. Two weekends ago, I headed up to the Northern Kettles to hit the local WEMS race. Tons of fun as most of the day was spent riding around with Nate.

As of recent the Big Ring Classic was in focus. However, my focus was blurred as I have started a new job and spent many of my nights not sleeping and constantly thinking about all of the things I need to learn (stress factory).

Good times this weekend though with my hero Chris pulling the whole lead elite crowd around all day. There were several times I thought he was just going to ride away with it and probably would've if he wasn't short on air in his rear. In the end it came down to a big sprint and for a few seconds I thought I had it. Matter snuck in there though in the end and just got me, I guess I was underestimating his sneakiness :). Considering that was my first ever sprint finish and was told by Matter that he has probably been in 500 situations like that, I would say I did ok. Try again next time. It is amazing to think last year I was praying for a top ten and now I am pushing for a win. Congrats to the whole team who have been kicking butt all over. A lot of top tens, top fives and even a few wins this year. Woohoo!

Thanks to all who cheered especially my family, if you look closely at some of the pics you can see my family being obnoxious. In one picture you can even see Lynn jumping as high as someones waist. Man I love that girl!

Also thanks to my sponsors as they have done a super job of keeping me going this year. The Peariso's and Adventure 212 for basically everything, Specialized for a rocking fast bike, Wenzel Coaching (Joe Cieszynski) for some great advice, The Hostel Shop and all star manager Scott Cole for supplies support.

Till next time