Over doing it

For sure I over did it this holiday season. Looks like I will be in the same boat as the masses this new year.



Spent some time putting together more baby stuff then down town for the WLCA Christmas party. Lynn is starting to realize how the baby is going to feel!! :)



It may not be Friday but I am on my way back home. Been doing some company training out of town from border to border. Oh yeah last weekend spent a lot of time on the trails, best they have been all year!!



  Two baby showers and two full weekends of family and friends, PRICELESS! Thanks to all of our family and friends for all of their continued love and support. All that is left is to have the baby! I CAN'T WAIT!!


X-mas time?

Had some time between work and workout so we got to decorate the tree. What a treat, isn't she BEAUTIFUL! I am talking about my wife:).