This is going to be my new view in the mornings as I head back to work today. Lynn has work today too, his name is Sawyer and without me here to help, she will be busy for sure.



Game Changer

You know when you have something good going and no matter what, nothing could derail you. Yeah, that is what I thought I had going until this little guy came along.

He is a game changer for sure! It is impossible to explain my feelings right now, but if you are a parent, you know exactly where I am at. I am taking this one day at a time and enjoying every second. Besides, a week off wont kill me, right?

Keep on doing whatever it is you are doing and I will try to not fall off of this cloud that "they" call 9.

Sawyer Michael Braun was born on Thursday February 23rd at 3:45pm weighing in at 9lbs 6oz and is 21.5 inches long.


Elevator music

That makes sense right. Think about.... been killing time waiting for baby Braun. Been doing some of this some of that and trying to support Lynn as things get more difficult.

Also sharing memories with my big bro as he and his wife Brenda welcome baby Vivi into this world. Congratulations!!

Hopefully the next post includes our new bundle, I CANT WAIT!


212 takes on the Shaw

A great Sunday ride with the team one last time before Baby Braun arrives. Thanks for coming everyone!


Yeah Buddy

I am sure everyone is capitolizing on this action.