That sums it up for me. Got a chance to ride the new machine this past weekend and to say the least I am impressed! I definitely do not do enough raving about my sponsors.

Specialized did it again and made some great improvements. This years epic dually 29er is lighter and more stiff, how I havn't a clue! Maybe it has something to do with our new Sram partnership. I am happy with the lockout on the top of the fork for sure!

Adventure 212 and the Peariso's did what they do best, take care of their children, right Chris? It is awesome be part of such a well managed,well represented  group of people. Visit his blog to get all of the good details!

Other than that, the boy is great, mama is happy and just yesterday I was told i was living the American Dream!
That's all for now.



Spent some time with the family last weekend. When I wasn't doing that, it was back to my red neck roots. Craig bought a jeep and it was hungry for some mud. Yup, that is a creek that we were sitting in too.