Can I say BUSY?

It's been some time since my last report but I am still going at it. Things have gone from a care free approach of exercise with whatever freedom I wanted to the regimented daily list of workouts. Well I guess it isn't as bad as I just made it sound. I still get to cross train but with the Ante being upped this year the workload is tough.
Last year was the first year I took a full race and training schedule head on. It left me very tired and exhausted at the end of last year but also left a very sweet taste in my mouth. Success is a funny thing but I don't know how else to sum things up for me last year. I have come a long way but am only hungry for more. I wasn't sure how things would go but with my extraordinary Coach reassuring me that that I am in a particularly good position, I have no choice to believe in him and myself. So it continues....my search for greatness.

To add to all that I have been trying to give the support needed to help other great people in my life. My Girlfriend Lynn has been pursuing a new career as the economy has left the job market lifeless. My Brother Craig has Also been pursuing some of
his own Ideas and goals. My sister Jamie is still rocking and been particularly drawing a lot of my attention for support. Not to be left out my other brother Derek has been pushing for a new career after helping his Wife attain some of her goals. Although the scale at which greatness is graded on is grand, I believe that all these people are doing great and deserve recognition. So Good Work you Guys and keep it up!
On the 212 front things are going great! My race machine is being ordered, Mike P. and I have been working out in the weight room, and the rest of the guys are taking care of business up north. I feel blessed and honored to be on the Adventure 212 MTB team for 2010!


Where am I?

I am here. Not exactly a great holiday retreat but I don't think I would want it any other way.

A short Christmas break for my Sister had her running around all of Wisconsin trying to visit all of our family. A short stop by Lynn and I for a day and a half and she was ready to hustle back to B-town for a mandatory practice. With the snow falling and flights being delayed it was time for a drive. So, we all packed up the Subaru and headed down.

The schedule had Lynn and me returning to Wisco after watching the Hoosiers beat Purdue. That wasn't the case however. Still here. I feel like I have a purpose down here that doesn't involve a bicycle.

I did have plans for that too. A trip to this place was in order but with the temps near zero this morning I decided to change things up.

Not sure of total plans but I know I have to be back to work on Monday! I'm cool with that. I think its nice to hit the reset button and get things back to normal.

Ain't Life Great!