Taking in the sights

A lot of my time has been spent at work lately so one might wonder why these sights are thus. The work week actually starts on Sunday believe it or not. I spend a considerable amount of time (with Lynn) getting every detail of my week planned and ready so when Monday rolls around all I have to do is go. Lynn and I share a similar schedule so it is quite easy to work as a team at this. My routine has been, Wake up at 4am, shower, shave, eat, stretch, and get ready to leave on my bicylce to work. Thats right, I ride my bike to work and I love it. At a little over 11.5 miles, I am given a sense of accomplishment and time to mentally prepare for the day. After a good 12 or so hour day I get ready and ride back home, eat supper, do a few chores, and get ready for bed. There is a guy I work with who when you ask him how he is doing he will say, "living the dream, living large" which is the attitude I try to mimic. I feel blessed to have the opportunity I have been given and will not fail!
Now the sights.........

A trip to the Milorganite plant for a WLCA event provided a great view of the city from the south side. The facility was also very cool!

A paver job that a customer asked me to take a look at. I thought the picture looked cool! 
 A picture from an ASID event with Lynn (sorry not work) that I thought looked really cool.
 The NARI home improvement show with a fireplace dealer that I rep was in. I got to mortar some of the stone on the fireplace which was a good lesson lesson in thin veneers.
 Went to a Marquette game, Several Bucks games, and a Packer game. TONS of fun!

Getting creative while trying to help the Landscape Committee that I sit on design new Master Boards for our samples. The Lexington board was adopted and brought to reality. COOL!

 Doing plenty of drive by's to match up stone and brick.
Taking a minute to keep myself sane, that was a full mug of coffee at 6am. I got a good giggle out of it.
 I couldn't help but stop and take a picture. It looked way better in person, and this is why I ride.

All in all things are great and to quote my Coach "You have to take life as it comes and be realistic." So I am, and found that I do have time for work, and biking. Well, its time for a ride so I am going to get ready and hit up a good 4hr loop up by Holy Hill. See you all soon!




I am officially Linkedin one might say. I am actually enjoying the proffessional networking site and am finding people that I know aside from the work place.

Besides work I am riding more and even commuting daily to the office by bicycle. 11.67 miles one way to be exact (I even charted it). The extra 45 minutes in the morning and at night really helps to clear my head and I find myself to be alot less stressed. Becoming a professional mountain biker seemed easier than becoming a proffessional Sales person. That could be because I was having so much fun riding my bike that I forgot how hard it actually was. That sounds more reasonable!

I am having fun at work too and have also found it to be a challange. I always love a good challange, and with the construction season (and biking) right around the corner, I say bring it on!! I am motivated, ready, and can't wait to get things going on both sides. I hope everyone is gearing up for some great things to come and I will se my biking palls soon.

Happy riding!