On the road again!

Another 3 hours today. That counts as more than a weeks worth of riding towards the end of last season. Now off to get some Xmas lights and a tree:)!


MTB, Pie, Cool whip, extra coolwhip

Went for a 2plus hour MTB ride with Joe and company yesterday and man was that fun. Not only are the Tosa trails in great shape, the weather was off the hook!! Thanksgiving was great and I didn't even over eat until the next day. With over two hours in the saddle, I was hungry for some grub. My eyes said I couldn't have too much but after the plate was clean, my belly was not agreeing (I started to look like Lynn). It didn't take long for that feeling to go away and it was time for pie. I am sure you all saw my rendition of what a pie should look like with Lynn's facebook post. Yup I was out of line and she put me in my place, she is sooo smart:). For now its onward with the training. Training for baby and for the MTB season, ahhhh this is going to be a great year!!


Action, Paragon Style!

The man himself, Joe C. started a fitness company of his own called Paragon. More to come on that!

When I question what we are doing, he says "who's holding the clipboard?". Then I say, you and get it done. I love it!!!


Weight Relief

The schedule reflected weights at Brookfield East with Joe tonight. After short deliberation I realized that if I can barely walk, there is no way I could complete another Joe Cieszynski "Coach" Beat Down. He agreed an easy spin and stretch were a better idea, THANK GOD!



With training it is all about routines. Been waking up early to get this one back in the mix.
Happy Wednesday!


Game on!

Alright. Not sure who is in for a long read, but here are the thoughts in my head.

It is no secret that I have been on a training downhill slide since I started my new job as an outside sales rep for County Materials (The best damn block manufacturing company in the fricken midwest!).  That is not to say that my life has been though. For sure the last two years of my live have been the MOST exciting, at least up until now. I am sure with the baby on the way things will only get more exciting!

Taking things back to training. There has to be some sort of balance struck between my personal agenda and my professional drive. No doubt I have taken the same drive that brought me near the top step of the WORS series and converted that energy into a bridge for a successful career. I am always trying to do my best! Of coarse Lynn has helped me every step of the way as I have for her. As of recent she has been so reassuring that I will be the one tearing legs off instead of barely being able to pull my fat ass over the hills. Mike Phillips says I have another year of lax but have to be on track and killing it by 2013. I say F-That!! Lets give this thing a go for 2012. If I fall flat, screw it, I can pick it back up and follow the Mikee plan. With Lynn's reassurance and my finally seeing the light, we will hope to see the old Big D at the races.

Moving into the next phase as my training starts, I will ask for everyone that I know to keep me on my toes. It has been proven that if there is a support system in place for any person trying to accomplish a goal, the chances become greater of that happening. Not to take anything away from my teammates on 212, because without them, you might not have even seen me on the scene in 2011. I just know that if everyone that I come in contact with is asking me how my training is going, I will not be able to let you all down. And so it begins, I will update on Facebook, here, and even the 212 blog site so if you are all paying attention, ask me how things are going. My training starts officially this Tuesday with Joe in the weight room. Not sure if you heard, but he is now a Level One USA Cycling coach!!!!!!!!!

Game on!